NCAA dumps 'Rich Paul Rule' amid blowback on agent requirements

Posted August 14, 2019

"To be honest, I have no idea whether the NCAA adopted the new rule specifically because of my work with Darius Bazley, as people have speculated, or if it is because they know there are more and more people like me fighting for their chance and challenging this antiquated system", Paul said.

On Monday, the NCAA reversed course by saying that student-athletes can be represented by agents who "have a bachelor's degree and/or are now certified and in good standing with the NBA Players Association".

On Monday, the NCAA issued a memo outlining criteria that agents would have to meet to represent college players who are debating whether to return for another year of college basketball or make the leap to play professionally, either in the NBA, in the G League, or internationally.

When the certification standards were first revealed last week, the degree requirement drew criticism, including a social media blast by National Basketball Association star LeBron James.

The NCAA released a statement Wednesday night, saying that it "as a higher education organization. values a college education and continues to emphasize the importance of earning a degree".

It has been dubbed the "Rich Paul Rule," alluding to the founder of Klutch Sports.

"Does anyone really believe a four-year degree is what separates an ethical person from a con artist?"

After being made aware of several agents who "appropriately represented former student-athletes" and were granted waivers from the NBPA, the NCAA amended their criteria.

Paul's clients include all-star talent like Draymond Green, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and of course LeBron James. Unfair policy is introduced incrementally so people accept it because it only affects a small group. Or at any other entrepreneurial business for that matter?

There are a ton of talented NCAA players who were probably thinking of seeking representation from Paul and now, they will be able to do so with no problems.

Agents who meet every requirement besides the three-year NBPA certification can receive an exception if the student-athlete they represented this past spring chose to return to school. "I think by the looks of things, Rich Paul seems to be giving some pretty damn good advice".

Players are allowed to hire agents early in the NBA Draft process as they begin to figure out the range they would likely be selected.