European Union open to Brexit talks but refuses to modify divorce deal

Posted August 09, 2019

In recent days there has been speculation Parliament could oust Johnson from his premiership with a No Confidence vote and install a "unity prime minister" in his place, who would then delay Brexit and call a general election.

New Prime Minister Johnson has pledged to "do or die", and leave the European Union by the deadline of October 31, with or without a deal.

'It is not an unlimited discretion, but I cannot see how the courts could say the PM was not entitled to take political risks into consideration, ' he said.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Johnson could delay calling the election until after October 31, according to a briefing to staff by Cummings, allowing Britain to tumble out of the bloc by default in the meantime.

Even while London insists that the United Kingdom government is "ready to negotiate in good faith", it is clear from their side that Johnson would only agree to a deal without a backstop, that he keeps referring to as "undemocratic", meaning that such a deal would end up with the island of Ireland having a hard border.

Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve said Tuesday that the idea "that if you lose a vote of no confidence you will simply sit it out and barricade yourself in Downing Street" was "simply breathtaking, stupid, infantile - and it won't work". Mr Cummings is said to be preparing for a "people versus the politicians" campaign to exploit voters' frustration at the repeated failure of Parliament to deliver on the referendum result.

Johnson has said he is willing to funnel more money into public services, using the previous government's so-called "fiscal headroom", which had been earmarked to support the economy through a no-deal scenario.

The Prime Minister announced £2.1bn for no deal planning last week, but Lord Adonis said Parliament would "always go to stop it".

Were Swinson to get into No 10, Leavers would likely fear Brexit being scrapped altogether.

Ahead of the announcement, Johnson said in a statement: "I made it my immediate task to make sure frontline services have the funding they need, to make a real difference to the lives of NHS staff and, above all, of patients".

However, if some Conservative MPs voted against their party, parliament could end up forcing one though.

The motion would have granted MPs control of the parliamentary timetable in the autumn, enabling them to prevent no-deal.

Under the Remainer plan, the "government of national unity" - comprised of MPs from different parties - would only exist for a few days with the sole objective of asking the European Union to delay Brexit by extending Article 50.

Despite his weak position, Mr Bale also insisted that there is no chance of a possible Tory Brexit Party alliance in the near future.

If Boris is to call an election, it would nearly certainly be before October 31.