Pride and unity highlight emotions during rally for Puerto Rico

Posted July 27, 2019

Despite the recent protests and the governor resigning, Puerto Rico remains open for tourism and is on track to achieve a record-breaking year tourism in 2019, according Discover Puerto Rico, the destination marketing organization.

The governor of the United States commonwealth of Puerto Rico has offered to resign after his vulgar and offensive chat messages were leaked. Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez will replace him, and Puerto Ricans will vote for governor in 2020.

In a statement from Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, said that flights, ports, hotels, airports, restaurants, shops, attractions and taxis are operating normally. Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero spoke to the governor and explained that the government's paralysis would have grave consequences for the island economy.

"We're done, we're tried, our people are exhausted, of the corruption, of the lies", says Lissette Colon, who has a home in Puerto Rico and hopes to retire there.

Some of the governor's mayoral allies became the latest to ask for Rossello's resignation. I think all the emotions came together.

Colon says it is a bittersweet time because so much is left to be done.

Before Rossello's announcement, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez said her colleagues in Congress were concerned that the high-level departures in Rossello's government would delay and paralyze pending hurricane recovery efforts, projects and federal fund distribution.

CT leaders and Puerto Rican natives gathered in Baldwin Park in Bridgeport Thursday to support Puerto Rico and the accomplishments of its residents over the last few weeks.

"How people have managed to raise their voice, to raise their flags, to raise themselves from every corner of the island", said Correa.