Jim Harbaugh stands by criticism of Urban Meyer

Posted July 22, 2019

It's true, though. Everywhere Meyer has gone, controversy has followed.

On the field, it's hard to find fault with Meyer.

The Athletic's The TK Show podcast, released Wednesday, gave Harbaugh the opportunity to be transparent about his feelings about his 0-4 record versus the Buckeyes since taking over as the Wolverines head coach.

That is accurate. Meyer was suspended for the Buckeyes' first three games of the 2018 season while the Big Ten school investigated domestic violence claims against former assistant coach Zach Smith.

Jim Harbaugh's statement during Big Ten media days saying he'd support granting a one-time waiver for all players to transfer and play immediately figures to win him many fans in the pro-player camp. Meyer received criticism for the string of player arrests during his six seasons at Florida, where 31 players were arrested for a variety of charges, ranging in seriousness. But what are you going to say? But Let's Go Back To Last Year. He won 90 percent of his games as the Buckeyes head coach, including a 7-0 record against MI. "And once that's known that 'hey, say this or say that" to get eligible. Yes You Did Get Revenge On Everybody Else.

Undergraduate transfers now have to sit out a year when they transfer from one school to the next, though the NCAA has a waiver process that has seemingly become more inconsistently lenient recently.

Ohio State and MI are set to play on November 30th.

Who Holds The Honorable Distinction Of Being 7-0 Against The Mazie And Blue, Urban Meyer.

MI head football coach Jim Harbaugh went on a podcast to discuss a wide range of topics and in the process took a dig at Ohio State's former head coach Urban Meyer. He says those who criticize his inability to win the big one, and especially to beat Ohio State, have a right to complain. "And then if they were to transfer a second time then the previous rule that we had where you had to sit out a year of eligibility and with that I would also keep the graduate transfer rule that we have in place right now where you can transfer and become immediately eligible".

Michigan's efforts to recruit the state of Georgia have been a hallmark of Jim Harbaugh era, with the Wolverines reaching into the Peach State and snagging several highly-ranked prospects in recent years.

Let's See What Else OH!, I Almost Forgot.