Google reveals multiplayer support and other new Stadia details

Posted July 10, 2019

So while it might be a slight letdown for anyone that signs up for Stadia if they find out a game they would have been interested in is no longer available to buy, current Stadia founders and anyone who plans to sign up early can have a sigh of relief that their purchases will be safe. Google's gaming platform, however, will only be available for the said devices if they already have access to the Stadia app. If you had worries that a game developer could pull support from Stadia and the title will not be available to play, then take a breath as Stadia will continue to provide the game to those who've purchased the license to stream it.

However, with Google now assuring that they won't let users lose the games, it would play a crucial role in helping users' decide if they want to go for Stadia or not. "Outside of unexpected circumstances", the FAQ states, "Stadia will aim to maintain any previously bought title out there for gameplay". Well, a recent update to the Stadia FAQ looks to put at least some of those concerns to bed.

There is still so much to know and say about the Stadia but we'll have to be patient. However, you can also connect the controller to a phone, a tablet or a PC via a USB cable plugged into its USB-C port.

During the last Stadia press conference, Google did mention that only certain mobile devices would officially have Stadia support at launch when November arrives. A 1080p and 60 FPS streaming, on the other hand, can be expected for non-Stadia subscribers with better gaming experience for higher quality connections. [.] Stadia will support full multiplayer titles, as well as couch based co-op and single player titles. That's for playing games though and subscribers can manage their games on any recent Android or even iOS device. Any tablet that runs Chrome OS will also support Stadia. "At this time, we have no news to share regarding VR support on Stadia", the search giant said.