Billionaire Owner of Private VI Island Arrested in New Jersey

Posted July 09, 2019

A Florida billionaire well known in political circles- has been arrested on new charges- related to sex trafficking crimes involving minors.

Federal prosecutors in NY say Epstein operated a sex trafficking ring in which he paid hundreds of dollars to girls as young as 14 to have sex with him at his homes in NY and Florida, according to an indictment unsealed Monday.

Most of those high profile figures dropped contact with the man who first appeared on the NY social scene in the 1990s, as he became the subject of criminal proceedings that resulted in a 2008 plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to a single charge of soliciting prostitution with an underage girl. And The Washington Post and the Miami Herald, for example, have detailed in investigative reports how then-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta, now Trump's labor secretary, shelved a 53-page federal indictment that could have put Epstein behind bars for life in favor of the deal that allowed him to plead guilty only to state charges.

More than a decade after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor, registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been charged in NY with sex trafficking. Prosecutors said it was important that the young women and girls Epstein is said to have have abused, saw justice be done.

Certain recruiters brought in dozens of girls.

During the news conference, Mr. Berman urged potential victims to come forward by contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tapper then brought up the 2002 Trump quote, "Epstein likes handsome women as much as I do and many of them on the younger side".

There's a strong likelihood that Epstein will end up trying to flip for prosecutors as the reality of a lengthy prison sentence approaches, but it's unclear how much he has that would be interesting to the feds. He also registered as a sex offender and paid restitution to the victims identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Epstein is expected to appear Monday in Manhattan federal court.

And investigative journalist Vicky Ward was one of the first journalists to expose the allegations against Epstein.

"Epstein typically would also masturbate during these sexualized encounters, ask victims to touch him while he masturbated, and touch victims' genitals with his hands or with sex toys", it reads. That case, titled Jane Doe 43 v. Epstein, et al, was closed in December. The government alleges that Epstein would have the girls undress and touch them sexually, and would also masturbate.

Epstein's lawyer did not respond to messages seeking comment. Clinton flew on Epstein's infamous jet dubbed the "Lolita Express" at least 26 times, according to records obtained by Fox News in 2016.

Epstein was charged with one count of sex trafficking conspiracy and one count of sex trafficking with underage females.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman stated Monday that the deal reached with prosecutors in Florida had no bearing on Epstein being charged in NY. "Terrific guy", Trump said.

Born and raised in New York, Epstein taught maths and physics in the city at the private Dalton School in the mid 1970s.

Epstein has addresses on his own island in St. Thomas, the Upper East Side in Manhattan, Paris, New Mexico, and Palm Beach, according to his sex offender registration in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement index.