California man eats 71 hot dogs to win title

Posted July 05, 2019

This year, Chestnut ended up just shy of his record after he ate 71 hot dogs in the same amount of time.

Miki Sudo (MIHK'-ee SOO'doh) had already won the women's competition by chomping down 31 hot dogs.

The 33-year-old Sudo fell short of her total last year of 37 frankfurters but earned her sixth consecutive title by easily beating runner-up Michelle Lesco, who wolfed down 26 hot dogs.

Sudo was six behind her effort a year ago of 276 but has won six of the nine competitions since a separate women's division was created in 2011.

In 1916, Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker opened a nickel hot dog stand on Coney Island with a $300 loan from two friends.

Thousands gather to watch the spectacle every year, with millions more tuning in on television.

"I came out fast and slowed down faster than I'd like", Chestnut said. The competition was held at Coney Island in Brooklyn and Chestnut was a heavy favorite before the contest even started.

Miko Sudo competes during the women's division of the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hog Dog Eating contest.

'I'm a person who's really fascinated with niche activities and obsessive persons, having some of those in my own life, ' Haimes said. The 30 for 30 documentary shows a clip of people waving American flags and yelling: "Go home, Shanghai boy!" He emerged as a fan favorite with his 2007 shocking upset of six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi, who was a pioneer in developing the widely-used technique of splitting hot dogs in half and dunking the buns in water.