Biden slips, Harris climbs after first Democratic debates

Posted July 05, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the early front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, has lost support among African-Americans after taking heat on racial issues during the party's first debate, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

In the Quinnipiac poll, released on Tuesday, Biden narrowly came in first with 22 percent but was nearly tied with Harris, who received 20 percent.

Among people who didn't watch and heard little to nothing about the debates, Mr. Biden led with 25% support, followed by Mr. Sanders at 20% and Ms. Warren at 15%.

Quinnipiac surveyed 554 Democrats and voters who lean-Democrat across the country from June 28-July 1, with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

Almost half, or 47%, of Democratic or Democratic-leaning voters who said they watched most of the debate or paid attention to news stories about them said Harris did the best job, according to the Quinnipiac poll. Sanders also decreased slightly (from 19% to 13%), while Warren held steady.

CAMPAIGN TRIAL- A new poll is showing a change in the 2020 presidential race for Democrats.

Kamala Harris almost tripled her standing in a new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday compared to one taken earlier this month - and now trails frontrunner Joe Biden by just 2 percentage points.

While the news might not be welcoming for the Democratic candidates except Harris and Warren, it seems only the females have gained the most out of the first Democratic Debate.

When the candidates' standings were broken down based on who watched the debate, Warren and Harris lead the group. Following close behind are Harris at 18 percent and Biden, the onetime Democrat frontrunner, at 17 percent. Sen. Biden's once commanding lead has evaporated. And if this question is narrowed down to just those who watched both nights of debates, 72 percent said Harris stood out. The number of undecided potential voters has dropped sharply after the first debates, with gains in support for each of these candidates.

Respondents, however, still overwhelmingly said they felt that Biden was the candidate in the crowded field who had the best chance of beating President Donald Trump.

Several other candidates saw small overall gains since the June poll, including Sanders and US Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA.

Biden attempted to defend himself by claiming Harris had mischaracterized his record, but he only muddled his stance on busing and falsely claimed to never have praised racists. Down 8 points from the Iowa Poll, he finishes fifth, at 6%.

Eleven percent said they support Harris.