Should We Forget The Biden-Harris 2020 Ticket?

Posted July 03, 2019

It was a similar story in CNN's national poll, with Biden at 22 percent support, down 10 points from the network's survey a month earlier.

However, the Politico/Morning Consult poll, which surveyed 2,407 voters with a two per cent margin of error, showed Sanders's support unchanged after the debates and put him in second place, after Biden.

Biden has already had to weather a campaign crisis over his tactile political style, which some women said made them feel uncomfortable.

Democratic presidential candidates on stage during the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

He'd had 5 percent before competition that pitted him against Castro, a fellow Texan who picked a debate- stage fight with him in a bid to drag his numbers down, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Warren was right behind her at 24 percent, with Buttigieg nipping at their heels at 23 percent, followed by Booker, Castro and Sanders. Warren, who was also strong in her debate, and has been steadily drawing attention with a less abrupt rise than Harris, is at 15%, up a solid eight points from May. Warren challenges Biden and Sanders among independents, tops Biden and runs even with Harris and Sanders among liberals, and earns similar numbers to Harris among younger voters, whites and whites with college degrees.

The freshman senator also criticized Biden's past opposition to a federal busing policy that provided transportation for black students to local schools attended by mostly white students before describing the experience of "a little girl in California" who traveled across districts as part of the second class of students bused to integrate the public schools in her county. His backers will forgive a weak performance, but they're going to want to see some changes.

"Bobby and Frederica are leaders in the United States Congress but also in our nation's history, and I'm so proud to have their support in this race", Harris said in a statement. "So I will tell you on this subject, it can not be an intellectual debate among Democrats and we have to take it seriously". "My time's up, I'm sorry", he concluded.

Was Harris really "hurt" that Biden said that he pined for the days when rabid segregationists in Congress were at least civil with junior Senators?

The trip will be Biden's first stop in MI since announcing his presidential run earlier this year.

Ms Klobuchar, the senator for Minnesota, tweeted a photo of the five female candidates taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue magazine.

The exchange between Harris and Biden was seen a breakthrough moment for the California Democrat, who has received a surge of support and donations in the wake of her debate performance.

When asked during the debate to share his first priority as president, Biden said to "make sure we defeat Donald Trump".