Carter: Trump 'Lost' The Election, Only In Office Due To Russia

Posted June 29, 2019

"WTF!" Earlier Friday, President Trump joked with Putin about Russian meddling in US election as the pair of world leaders met at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Putin said nothing, but grinned in response to the comment, which came only after a reporter shouted a question, asking whether Trump would warn his Russian counterpart about influencing the presidential vote next year. He then repeated "don't meddle in the election", while pointing a finger at Putin.

The 94-year-old Carter became the longest-living president in US history in March, beating records previously set by George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford. Trump asked Putin, who smiled and nodded along. On the USA side, State Secretary Michael Pompeo, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, National Security Adviser John Bolton and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham also took part in the negotiations. This will be their first meeting since last year in Helsinki, and a huge deal, as U.S. and Russian Federation relations have been suffering mightily in recent years.

Donald Trump has reportedly joked with Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the G20 in Japan over their shared disdain for journalists who write stories they do not approve of.

President Donald Trump is meeting jointly with the leaders of India and Japan.

But on Friday Trump said the pair would be discussing "trade. some disarmament, a little protectionism perhaps".

Putin did not stray far from a narrative he has advanced consistently in recent years, calling for a more rules-based global system, for the scaling-back of USA hegemony, and for staying out of countries' affairs.

"Both agreed that these issues were essential for the worldwide community in the sphere of security and that Russian Federation and the United States as the two largest nuclear powers are called upon to play the leading role in lowering the risks, which, unfortunately, are piling up in this sphere as well", Lavrov said. "They can watch on a Sony television".

May told Putin that using Novichok was "part of a wider pattern of unacceptable behavior and was a truly despicable act that led to the death of a British citizen", the spokesperson said.

Carter also offered to travel to North Korea in order to meet with Kim Jong Un on Trump's behalf, according to a Democratic US lawmaker.

Mr Trump already attacked friend and foe alike on domestic soil before flying to Osaka but appeared to strike a more conciliatory tone upon arrival, predicting a "very successful day". Trump and Abe were later joined by Modi and the portion of the meeting open to reporters was convivial: at Trump's urging, the three leaders engaged in a group fist bump. Despite earlier complaining about India, Trump said he and Modi have become "great friends" and the two countries "have never been closer".

Trump has repeatedly denied the findings, calling the 22-month investigation the report was based on a "witch hunt".

Merkel and Trump discussed issues "including Iran's unsafe activity in the Middle East, stabilizing Libya and the Sahel region, and supporting economic reform in Ukraine".

"Haven't discussed them, haven't discussed them", Trump said of the Ukrainian ships and sailors during Friday's meeting. "All the topics were set out, we have not seen each other in a while, since the Helsinki meeting (in July 2018)".

He said called the tactics of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement "a disgrace to the United States".

Democratic presidential hopefuls, from left, Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Joseph R. Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, and Eric Swalwell in Miami, June 27, 2019. He said, "I am not trying to insult anyone because we have been condemned for our alleged homophobia. I am not saying that the Salisbury incident is the way to do it... but traitors must be punished".

"I heard a rumor that the Democrats are going to change their name from the Democratic Party to the socialist party", he added. Trump nixed a possible retaliatory air strike and stressed Friday that the "there's no rush".