Help offered to Florida woman jailed for turning in husband's guns

Posted June 26, 2019

This happened while her estranged husband, Joseph Irby, was in jail for allegedly trying to hit her with a vehicle.

"Well, he was arrested yesterday for trying to run me over with his auto and he is now in jail".

Police said Torres shot and killed her stepfather, believed to be in his early 50s, as well as her own 8-year-old daughter.

'So you're telling me you committed an armed burglary?' the officer asked her.

She said yes, adding that "he wasn't going to turn them in so I am doing it".

The officer then contacted Joseph, who said that he wished to press charges against Taylor.

As Orlando Weekly reported last week, a judge had previously ordered the guns to be turned in. He was arrested June 14 on domestic violence charges.

Lucie Police Department announced on Twitter that Alyssa Marie Torres, 29, had been taken into custody after allegedly fatally shooting her 7-year-old daughter and her stepfather and also injuring her mother.

Mrs Irby told officers she feared for her life during the confrontation and had requested restraining orders on Mr Irby in the past.

Joseph, meanwhile, told officers that the damages to his auto were "old", and described Taylor as a "man hater" as he was cuffed, according to The Ledger of Lakeland, Florida.

Her lawyer has said her actions were not theft as she turned the guns in to law enforcement and did not take them for herself.

"Theft is to deprive someone of the right or benefit of property", he said to The Huffington Post. "She was taking them to the police department for safekeeping", he said, according to HuffPost. "So I'm hopeful that the State Attorney will look at all the evidence but also keep in consideration how this is a system that has historically denied justice to survivors of domestic violence".

She tweeted that it's "ridiculous" to arrest a woman in this kind of situation.

"The case of Courtney Taylor Irby demonstrates once more the risky linkage between intimate partner violence and access to firearms".

Irby had applied for a temporary injunction against her husband, with the pair in the process of a divorce, court records showed. We should be outraged by her arrest, and Irby should not be prosecuted by the local State Attorney's office.

"She had talked about her mother like they had a close relationship and her mother did everything for her, bought her things, and during Christmas would buy her jewelry and get her different things and helped her out, pay her bills", Angela McLendon, who worked with Alyssa at a women's health clinic told TC Palm. "We know with so many survivors of domestic violence that asking for help is the biggest challenge".

She was later located and arrested at around 10:30 a.m., just eight miles from where the shooting took place, Henkel continued.