Huawei Joins Samsung by Delaying Their Folding Phone

Posted June 17, 2019

This summer was set to see the launch of Huawei's folding smart phone, Mate X, but the mobile giant has said that the handset will now have to be delayed until September.

Huawei's foldable phone Mate X launch has been delayed after the Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco.

Following the defects that came to light, several brands across the United States including AT&T, Best Buy along with Samsung itself cancelled pre-orders for the foldable phone, The Verge reported late on Friday.

"We don't want to launch a product to destroy our reputation", a spokesman for the company said.

Huawei told CNBC that because the Mate X was announced before being added to the US's Entity List, it will still be able use Android as its primary OS.

Huawei Mate X is bigger compared to the Galaxy Fold and has a single OLED flexible screen that folds outwards to transform it from a smartphone into an 8-inch tablet. The $1,980 foldable phone was scheduled to go on sale in the USA on April 26, but Samsung hit the brakes right before the phone's launch due to numerous screen problems on review units.

At some point even thought that the Chinese may release its decision before the Koreans, which postponed the release to a later date. We are also waiting for other smartphone manufacturers who teased their own foldable phone to showcase the actual product as well.

"We don't want to go for our own systems; we still very much like the cooperation with Google in the past few years".

The ban, the result of an executive order from President Donald Trump, has already led to Google withdrawing Huawei's ability to support its Android operating system in new devices.

Huawei has not given a timeframe on when buyers can expect to get their hands on the redesigned Mate X, but with much of the worldwide turmoil the company faces with getting its products into the U.S. or using Google's popular Android mobile operating system for its devices, the delay could be quite extensive to compound matters. "We can do in the next six-to-nine months".