Google Trips Support Will Stop Late Summer

Posted June 08, 2019

The app would guide users to particular places of interest and restaurants, as well as consolidate their reservations and tickets. The apps with the adware hide for a while after the app is installed and later on after a week or so start rearing its maliciousness as they start to deliver out-of-app ads.

And what do you need to do in order to access all that?

Several travel services already offered this kind of planning, but Trips took advantage of Google's wide geographical database as well as Gmail, which is where you could send reservations and ticket confirmations.

Google Trips is having its support cut off in late Summer as Google probably looks to remove the app from the Play Store, confirming that it will be ending support for the app on August 5.

Fear not as Trips on web has gotten more robust of course.

Get better it has but with a twist.

But when Google announced that the Trips web version was getting an overhaul and vast improvements, it felt like the stand alone app's days were numbered.

Balaam says that all of the apps released with BeitaPlugin were published by mobile internet company CooTek, which was founded in 2008 in Shanghai. Between now and then, however, it's worth finding another app and making sure there's no important data in the app that you don't want to lose.

Features that are now available on the Google Trips app will migrate to Google Search and Google Maps according to Google, thus rendering the standalone app redundant.

After beefing up its online counterpart last month, Google is discontinuing its Google Trips app come August 5.

Google Travel brings together Trips, Google Hotels and Google Flights.

I also used Google Maps a lot to find places of interest nearby, and the service has gotten pretty good lately, thanks to more people contributing up-to-date information, photos, and reviews.