Pokemon Sword & Shield Channels Godzilla With New Dynamax Mechanic

Posted June 07, 2019

Though the Direct only lasted around 15 minutes, there was a surprising amount of information packed into the presentation.

At present, we know precious little about the game - we pretty much only know the three starters and the region the game is set in (an analogue of the British Isles). As always a new region brings with it a bunch of all new Pokemon creatures to discover, catch, bond and battle with - but exactly how many remains unclear. This new trailer revealed Pokemon's interpretation of Raid bosses which see groups of friends battle one enormous Pokemon.

Variety also reports a new battle mechanic called Dynamax will allow Pokemon to balloon to giant proportions, which increases their attack power.

There are some interesting caveats to Max Raid Battles. That means that players are going to be forced to team up with some friends and battle if they want to complete their Pokedex in this game (unless they rely on trading). These wild Dynamax Pokemon vary by area and weather, so you'll have to explore the entire region to beat and catch 'em all.

For me though the cooler additions are the new "Wild Area" zones. Some will still be hiding in tall grass, though, and can be flushed out of hiding when an exclamation point appears above the player's head.

It seems like this will be the only area where the wild Pokemon are visible, so those looking for shiny hunts will find this the best place to come.

Treehouse Live will be dedicating the Thursday show to indie games this year, with broadcasts beginning Tuesday following the E3 Direct. Wednesday and Thursday will start at noon Eastern time / 9 a.m.

Other new Pokemon coming to Sword and Shield include Wooloo, the sheep Pokemon; Gossifleur, the Flowering Pokemon who can evolve into Eldegoss; Drednaw, the bite Pokemon; and Corviknight, the raven Pokemon. Comparisons were drawn nearly immediately between the Legendary wolf Zacian and Dark Souls boss Sif, with viewers commenting live during the stream making a note of the resemblance. What do you think about this upcoming game?