Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is heading to the PC

Posted May 31, 2019

To start making amends, Microsoft is bringing more than 20 games from its own studios to other stores including Steam, Valve's dominant marketplace for PC games. Sort of soft launched a year ago with "Xbox Play Anywhere" titles, Microsoft has detailed a full outline for what Game Pass will be offering PC players in the near future. Finally, the company also announced that it will be enabling full support for Win32 games to the Microsoft Store on Windows.

Users could buy apps or games there, and the competition was anxious that Microsoft's ownership of Windows gave it an unfair advantage over the competition. He made it clear that he believes "you should have choice in where you buy your PC games". Maybe, just maybe, this is a goodwill gesture ahead of the rollout of its Project xCloud streaming service, or maybe xCloud will play a role in how it intends to launch future games on PC.

Microsoft's Xbox service is coming to PC.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection's planned arrival on PC was an early announcement in this spirit, Spencer noted on Xbox Wire.

As well as multiple stores, Microsoft will be introducing features into their games to nurture a shared player community across those platforms.

While the PC version won't be a direct copy of Xbox Game Pass on console, it'll be the same basic service that has players paying a monthly subscription to download and play a revolving library of games.

Today's announcement names Age of Empires 1-3 Definitive Editions and Gears 5 as the first games coming to Steam.

Microsoft is well aware that the Microsoft Store did not become the go-to place for all things gaming or even applications.

Spencer also revealed that Win32 games will be available in the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

Not only will Microsoft be releasing more games on Steam in Win32 form, but it's opening up the Microsoft Store to support Win32 as well.

As Spencer says: "When I think about the role we play as a company to support and evolve gaming on Windows, it's critical that we make decisions that reinforce the open nature of the PC".