Pixel 3a XL alleged to start at INR 44,999 (~$649)

Posted May 07, 2019

TmoNews reader Ray checked their account and tried to get their unlocked Pixel 3 XL to appear, and when they selected "Google" as the phone manufacturer, found that all four of Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a models were listed.

The operating system expected to be used is Android Pie which will be installed out of the box in Pixel 3a and 3a XL devices.

The Pixel 3a lineup will feature Active Edge technology and will come with a fingerprint sensor at the back.

Both devices are expected to offer camera performance that's basically on par with the flagship Pixel 3 phones for much less money. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is also working on a foldable phone, and most industry watchers believe other companies will follow. And the worst of all, they are similarly priced as their rivals even though they lack features that their rivals have.

Attendees, along with tech fans at home watching the livestream, will be closely following the conference's keynote presentation, when Google CEO Sundar Pichai and top executives announce new software updates and products.

Highly anticipated: All signs suggest Google is ready to launch cheaper versions of its Pixel 3 at Google I/O next week. Now, alleged specifications and Pixel 3a XL India pricing have surfaced on the web. It starts Tuesday and runs through Thursday. Previously, several topics have been discussed in these I/Os from Google Maps to Chromebooks. It can't always help it though, as evidenced by this most recent leak which is likely the fault of a single retailer in the Midwest United States.

More details are also expected on Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service powered by custom AMD chips first announced March 19. Depending on how the United Kingdom pricing ends up looking, we would say that is a solidly mid-range phone price. They look awfully similar to the Pixel 3 which is a good thing because the other route would have been to look similar to the Pixel 3XL and that would have been awful. Dubbed Nest Hub Max, the 10-inch HD display device comes with a built-in Nest Camera and stereo speakers and we are expecting its release in the Google I/O 2019 event. The colour option is also described as "Purple-ish". Additionally, the phones have been hinted to support fast charging via USB-C.