Google's drone delivery service takes off in Australia

Posted April 12, 2019

The project is being led by Google's parent company Alphabet, which managed to fend off competition from Amazon to win over Australian regulators.

"Small drone delivery produces 99% less emissions than deliveries made by auto and if even a small proportion of deliveries and pick-ups by auto and truck are shifted to drones, congestion in the ACT could be reduced by as many 35 million vehicle kilometres per year by 2030, which would result in the reduction of 8000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions", the company said, quoting again from the AlphaBeta study.

Unfortunately, Wing isn't available to everyone in North Canberra, Australia.

During the testing phase, one of the main problems that arose was the noisy nature of the gadgets, forcing Wing to make more silent drones.

The company said it had been delivering "food and drinks, over-the-counter chemist items, and locally-made coffee and chocolate".

Drone deliveries are gaining popularity around the globe. Wing has promised, though, that it will be using quieter models for the larger rollout.

The drones are banned from crossing over major roads and there's a minimum distance they have to maintain from people on the ground. However, only a limited set of eligible homes will be able to use the service.

It said customers in Harrison and Gungahlin were expected to be covered in the coming months. Customers getting the drone delivery service will also have to receive a safety briefing about interacting with drones.

It remains to be seen how local residents will react to the drones flying over their neighbourhoods. The drones will only be allowed to fly during the day and not before 08:00 AEST at the weekend.

Wing is working with locals to ensure that the service is smooth. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with the Canberra community as we expand Wing's service.