Gillibrand Says She Wants to 'Fight Back' on Trump Hate

Posted April 06, 2019

Biden hit right back, saying, "I see that you are on the job and presidential, as always".

Trump's remarks came shortly before Biden was scheduled to address a gathering of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Washington, his first public appearance since several women starting speaking out about his interactions with them. "I don't know, man".

Biden on Friday said that he was not sorry for his habit of stroking and kissing women in professional settings.

Asked whether he could win this Democratic primary given that he's been tagged as a moderate by many activists in the party, Biden dismissed that label.

Flores responded to Biden's video, writing that she was "glad" that he "acknowledges that he made women feel uncomfortable", but also pointing out he hasn't apologized for his behavior. "I've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman". I was confused... I couldn't move and I couldn't say anything.

Asked about when he is going to get into the race, Biden said his lawyers have told him he has to be careful about what he says because he doesn't want to "start the clock ticking and change my status". Biden, who served eight years as vice president under President Donald Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, and decades as a USA senator, is expected to announce his plans later this month.

"You can have both conversations", she said.

"We need to build on it", Biden said of the law. "I've employed thousands of Electrical Workers", the president tweeted as his plane flew toward the Mexican border with California.

Friday was the second time in two days the president attacked Biden on Twitter.

Although he has not been accused of sexual assault or harassment, the women have said they felt Biden violated their personal space.

"I get, in talking to a lot of people around the vice president, that he doesn't think he did anything wrong", King said the network on Friday.