College Student Murdered After Getting Into Car She Thought Was Her Uber

Posted April 03, 2019

The Governor said, "Law enforcement in SC is better than any law enforcement in the country".

The University of SC is offering extended counseling hours and ride share safety tips after the death of Samantha Josephson.

Investigators allege that on early Friday morning, Josephson entered Rowland's black Chevrolet Impala after leaving a local bar, where she'd spent the evening with friends.

But the Impala was not her Uber, police said, and the man driving it never took her home.

Rowland was taken into custody on Saturday after police recognised his vehicle from the CCTV footage and conducted a traffic stop. Police initiated a search, and some 14 hours later, her body was discovered in a field by turkey hunters off a dirt road.

According to an arrest warrant for the suspect, 24-year-old Nathaniel Rowland, Josephson had "numerous wounds evident on multiple parts of her body to include her head, neck, face, upper body, leg, and foot".

Blood was found that matched Josephson, Holbrook said. "Unlike him, Samantha had love within her heart and objective in her life, the life he brutally ended", she said. She had absolutely no chance. Employees with the companies say it's important to always double check that information before getting in a auto to make sure you're with the right driver.

Samantha Josephson is pictured in this undated photo released by Columbia Police Department.

USC also asked students to pledge use caution when using ridesharing services by making sure any vehicles picking them up match the descriptions given in the services' app, and by asking for the drivers' names. "They're broken. There is nothing tougher than to stand before a family and explain how a loved one was murdered".

"It sickens us to think that his face was the last thing that my baby girl saw on this earth", Josephson's mother said in the hearing, which Rowland didn't attend. "I sit here and cry while looking at the picture and write this", he said.

"Words can't describe what they're going through". I could continue to write about her but it kills me.

"Our prayers are with Samantha's family & friends, & we join the entire Carolina Family in this time of grief", the college's tweet said.

"Peggy and I are devastated and crushed over the Josephson family losing their handsome daughter Samantha". "You guys have to travel together. Times like these leave me searching for words of wisdom and comfort".

"What I try to do every time is verify whoever gets in the vehicle".

Funeral services will be held Wednesday in Princeton Junction.

School and government officials in Josephson's hometown of Robbinsville, N.J., issued statements of shock and grief.