Robert Francis "Beto" says he was ‘Born’ for 2020

Posted March 16, 2019

In his texts, O'Rourke said, "I'm really proud of what El Paso did and what El Paso represents,"It's a big part of why I'm running".

Rep. Joe Kennedy isn't the only MA politician seemingly happy to have Beto O'Rourke running for president.

As with much else about O'Rourke, it's hard to say if his manner of speaking is born out of honest enthusiasm or if he's been made aware of studies like that and is attempting to work it into the packaging of himself as a candidate. O'Rourke asked. "If you think about our leadership, those who proceeded us, right".

It was notable that O'Rourke's entry into the race was accompanied by a notable uptick in the kind of political shadowboxing the candidates have largely avoided, showing he has the attention of his competitors. Although his tenure in the House of Representatives had a voting record slightly more conservative than the average Democrat's, he unapologetically embraced and defended progressive positions in his Senate race, including marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform, and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Trump took more note of O'Rourke's gyrations than his policy plans. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has already shown impressive fundraising strength, was also less outwardly welcoming.

"If you don't end up being the nominee, let's have none of this lingering acrimony after the nominee has been selected", New Jersey Sen.

"The current president says he doesn't believe in climate could we, who used to be the indispensable nation, be the only country that has removed itself from any obligation to work with anyone on perhaps the most pressing problem?"

Body language experts say emphatic gesturing can help a speaker convey a message and help audiences receive it. "I said is he insane or is that just the way he acts?" Running against the bluster isn't enough in a good economy, and people are too self interested in their own bottom lines to be swayed by someone who drops such barf-worthy gems as "everyone is important to me!"

- happysnarkygal2 (@happysnarkygal2) March 14, 2019Donald Trump on Beto O'Rourke: "Well, he's got a lot of hand movement".

Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire.