Venezuela: Guaido Urges Europe To Tighten Sanctions Against Maduro

Posted March 09, 2019

CARACAS, Venezuela-A USA journalist was seized by security forces at his apartment Wednesday amid Venezuela's escalating political turmoil, then was freed several hours later and deported, executives at his Miami-based TV station and union representatives said.

A Catholic News Service contributor in Caracas, Venezuela, was taken by military counterintelligence officials after his home was raided early March 6. His assistant was also taken into custody.

Weddle has reported from Venezuela for more than four years, most recently working as a freelance journalist for the ABC affiliate in Miami, Florida.

McMahan said her mother, who is a schoolteacher, was able to get in touch with the proper authorities to call for his release.

He said more sanctions would soon be announced and foreign banks may be targeted if they are found to be assisting Maduro in hiding state assets.

WPLG, one of the outlets for which Weddle worked, added that he was at the main Caracas-area airport waiting for a USA -bound flight.

Guaido has been recognized by the United States and most democracies as the nation's legitimate president.

Sherry Weddle said she last spoke with Cody on Facebook messenger Tuesday evening.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, left, met with German ambassador to Venezuela Daniel Kriener, right, in September 2018.

British police said a suspicious package destroyed by bomb-disposal experts at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday contained an explosive device and was linked to three letter bombs sent to two London airports and a railway station.

US Sen. Marco Rubio, a fierce critic of Maduro, tweeted about Weddle's detention on Wednesday, followed by a flurry of posts about sanctions on Venezuela.

"Here's the mistake we make: We're quiet when these interventions are happening", said Khanna, who has been an outspoken opponent of USA interference in Venezuela.

Kriener had tried to help bring humanitarian aid to the country, Guaido said in a speech to opposition lawmakers, adding: "It seems that the Maduro regime does not forgive anyone who wants to help Venezuela". The White House and the Organization of American States also demanded Weddle's release.

According to the SNTP, Weddle was detained at his Caracas home at 8:00 am and his work equipment was confiscated. "He said he was fine and wanted to know how I was".

"It appears I will not be coming back to Venezuela, but maybe I can tell the story from somewhere else", Weddle said.