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Posted March 06, 2019

Vers sees flashes of a past life on Earth.

After some hostility at first, Vers and Fury team up to figure out what the Skrulls want on Earth.

As Vers tries to track down the Skrulls and her hidden past, she encounters a young Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. That is where she met Captain Mar-Vell, who was an undercover alien soldier. Feige was quizzed about the sequel to Captain Marvel.

"Captain Marvel" features an alien culture governed by the "Supreme Intelligence", which is as good a description as any of Marvel, the well-oiled hit machine behind it.

In another interview in February, Larson told Entertainment Tonight that she pressured the studio to make "Captain Marvel" a "big feminist movie". However, the soundtrack being the element of the film that I'm most mixed about isn't that huge of a deal when it's all said done.

Along the way, we get a bracing depiction of female friendship - pilot Maria Rambeau (newcomer Lashana Lynch), Carol's former Air Force colleague, proves herself to be this film's secret superhero - and some impressive deployment of Captain Marvel's photon-blasting hands.

However, by far the smartest creative decision is casting Ben Mendelsohn as head Skrull, Talos; not only does the villain also get some amusing comedic moments due to earthly inexperience, he's also another morally complex individual that shows Marvel is continuing to step up their bad guy game. He's intimidating, has cool shape changing power, and is a visually impressive character. While Chewie is definitely a female cat (more on that to come), Goose's sex isn't discussed in the film.

This is interrupted by the news that the Captain Marvel beeper, which Fury had used in Infinity War's end-credits scene, has suddenly gone dead, despite the fact that they had it on a power source so that it wouldn't. In fact, backlash against star Brie Larson touting her efforts to make sure the film was "a big feminist movie" and the press junket wasn't "overwhelmingly white male" got bad enough that Rotten Tomatoes decided to make some big changes. You feel like you're watching the 90's era Samuel L. Jackson. Mendelsohn, again, is a hoot as Talos - a genuinely unexpected shift from numerous villains he's played in recent films - while Jude Law offers a slick, authoritative but charming turn as Yon-Rogg, the teacher trying not to be obliterated by his student. Captain Marvel's current Rotten Tomatoes score puts it on par with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which has an 84-percent rating and ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger's 80-percent rating. In the film, the cat has the same appearance, but is named Goose instead. You know the music, so it's all about how they play the notes.

There are two bonus scenes worth sticking around for that should be crowd pleasers in very different ways.

Brie Larson plays Vers (pronounced "Veers"), a member of an elite Kree military unit called Starforce whose objective is to hunt down Skrulls and prevent them from invading peaceful planets across the galaxy. She's confused and so the audience must be too, I guess? "As generic and retrograde as Black Panther was specific and revolutionary, Captain Marvel is a frustrating disappointment at a time when every inclusive blockbuster is fought over as though it would be the decisive battle in our never ending culture wars".