Video captures avalanche covering highway with snow in Colorado

Posted March 05, 2019

Avalanches are not an uncommon sight at Colorado's Berthoud Pass and Red Mountain Pass, but they seldom occur along I-70.

Colorado-based Brandon Ciullo took footage of the avalanche engulfing Tenmile Canyon, as he drove on the I-70 interstate highway near Frisco, Colorado.

We were driving to Glenwood for a vehicle recovery and saw this huge avalanche on I70.

Jacob Easton also captured a video of snow plowing down the mountainside while in a auto with his dad, FOX31 reported.

The video shows the aftermath of an avalanche, which left behind a "cloud" of white.

Later that evening, a second, heavier avalanche caused the same highway to shut down for three hours.

A Colorado motorist had a snow day to remember when he witnessed and recorded the show-stopping moment when an avalanche raced into a canyon on Sunday, filling the adjacent highway with snow. A handful of drivers in Colorado can confirm as much after an avalanche barreled across a roadway this weekend and instantly delivered a complete whiteout. "It's exciting, but pretty nerve-wracking because you don't know when it's going to stop".

"First it was just a big cloud coming down the mountain, then it just turned totally white", he said, according to the station.

Colorado's Transportation Department says it was a natural avalanche and not a controlled slide. His windshield was covered with snow, with visibility temporarily reduced to zero until the barrage of whiteness settled. "Dangerous human-triggered avalanches are very likely".