Republican Outraged When Congresswoman Calls His Trump Defense Racist

Posted March 03, 2019

Because I would ask her, have you ever seen black executives in the Trump organization?

It's racist to suggest that I asked her to come in here for that reason...'

Meadows defended the president and invited Lynne Patton, an African American official in the Trump administration with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to the hearing.

Meadows brought Patton to the hearing to push back against Cohen's narrative that President Donald Trump is a racist.

"To prop up one member of our entire race of black people and say that that nullifies that is totally insulting", Lawrence said. From his company's discrimination against Black potential renters in the 1970s in New York City to his divisive and racist comments that labeled Mexican immigrants as criminals to his refusal to acknowledge that President Barack Obama is a native born United States citizen.

Finally, Jordan and Meadows said Cohen's assertion that he committed crimes out of "blind loyalty" to Trump was inconsistent with NY prosecutors' assessment that the he did so out of personal greed. A former event planner best known for her work on the wedding of Trump's son Eric, Patton slammed Democratic lawmakers who "placed more credence on the word of a self-confessed convicted perjurer" than a highly educated black woman working alongside the president.

Nelson agreed, saying Tlaib "shouldn't have apologized to anybody for anything she said because she didn't say anything wrong". So, how do you reconcile it?

Chairman Elijah Cummings asked Tlaib if she would like to rephrase her comments. "It is insensitive that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself".

Patton has since spoken out against the congresswoman's comments and accused her of being "more racist". Although Tlaib insisted she didn't call Meadows a "racist" and just wanted to call out his "racist" act, she and Meadows reportedly made up the following day on the House floor.

"I said I pled guilty and I take responsibility for my actions", said Cohen.

"Two years ago when this investigation started I said it may be the most important thing I am involved in in my public life in the Senate, and nothing I've heard today dissuades me from that view", Warner said.

In an exchange between Cohen and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-North Carolina, Meadows inquired about the extent of Cohen's consulting relationship with Novartis, along with other foreign firms.

One person described Cohen as having become "disenfranchised" in the early months of the Trump administration - but that he nevertheless continued to portray himself as Trump's go-to guy.

Jordan and Meadows also claim that Cohen's testimony that he "never defrauded any bank" was "intentionally false" given that Manhattan prosecutors "specifically referred to Mr. Cohen's crimes of making false statements to financial institutions as "bank fraud" in a footnote of his plea agreement.