Microsoft Prepping Xbox Live for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Posted February 05, 2019

Xbox Live users will soon be able to take their "gaming achievement history, their friends list, their clubs, and more" to games on the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

Would you like to see Xbox Live support on other platforms? Minecraft is one of the first games that comes to mind seeing how it's cross-platform compatible and even unlocks Xbox Live achievements for those who play it on the Nintendo Switch. " Playfab is a company which develops backend gaming services which Microsoft purchased previous year". Notably, one of the sessions on the calendar is supposed to cover a first look at a new SDK from Microsoft that will allow mobile game developers to integrate the Xbox Live service into their titles.

The biggest change here is that Microsoft is seemingly willing to offer Xbox Live cross-platform services to third-party developers. Basically, Microsoft wants to provide developers with the tools to implement Xbox Live across nearly all major platforms, expanding the network's reach to far more screens. The news was spotted on the GDC Schedule site by Windows Central. It's going to be a tough sell when competing services like Play Games, Game Center, and Facebook are already available on mobile.

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Launched in 2002 for the original Xbox console, Microsoft's Xbox Live is a combination of digital distribution and multiplayer gaming platform - the latter, in most cases, requiring a paid subscription known as Xbox Live Gold for which players get cloud saves, discounts on games, the ability to play multiplayer titles, and a selection of free games each month.

The move was teased in the description for an upcoming session at GDC, where the plans will presumably be revealed in more detail.

The "XDK" is aimed at "game services engineers looking to save time & expand their customer base by letting Microsoft managed game services handle social, communication, and multiplayer interactions across billions of screens".