How to watch the 2019 Super Bowl

Posted February 04, 2019

One of the biggest sporting events of the year in the world, the game features the New England Patriots (for the 11th time) and the Los Angeles Rams, a franchise which recently moved to the City of Angels from St. Louis. McVay has single-handedly changed the league with his success; his mold is one teams will follow for years to come.

Game officials failed to penalize Los Angeles after a player appeared to interfere with a Saints receiver in the game's final minutes. When asked about the pass interference no-call, he called it "a shame" that it had to happen.

McVay's coaching tree has already sprouted two new head coaches with his former offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur hired by the Green Bay Packers on January 9, and current quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor is expected to take over the Cincinnati Bengals after the Super Bowl. And I think that's kind of been this team's personality really this whole season.

According to Patriots beat reporter Jeff Howe of the Athletic, Patriots buses leaving the hotel only a mile away went in the opposite direction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the venue hosting Super Bowl LIII.

The argument made by many Rams fans was that the ball got tipped at the line, which would have allowed Robey-Coleman to make contact with the receiver early. You've got your iPad to check stats and mini TV to watch replays.

If you're only interested in the trailers and adverts, you can skip the game and watch the most controversial ones below.

"They have a very special owner and coach and certainly they have, I guess, the greatest quarterback of all time".

"The team is just peaking at the right time and they have so many weapons running the ball which will take a lot of pressure off Brady". What do you need to know about this repeat Super Bowl match-up?