Chris Christie Rips Jared Kushner’s Father for ‘Loathsome, Disgusting Crimes’

Posted January 31, 2019

Christie said he told Trump to make sure something would be gained from a potential shutdown and to "have an exit plan, because sometimes in politics, things don't go the way you expect".

"I don't think, given that it went 35 days, we had a plan", he said, adding that by not securing the $5.7 billion in wall funding, Trump lost.

According to the New York Times Christie, the former two-term governor of New Jersey and a longtime friend of the president, became a key, early supporter of Mr. Trump after withdrawing from the race, and then ran Mr. Trump's transition - until he was sacked shortly after the election, reportedly at the direction of Mr. Kushner. However, Sunny Hostin pointed out how she was shocked Christie's friendship with Trump "survived the primaries" because the president blasted him over "Bridgegate", also known as the Fort Lee lane closure scandal.

He claims Kushner was still "seething" from events that took place more than a decade prior - when Christie, as a US attorney, prosecuted Kushner's father, Charles, for tax evasion, witness tampering and illegal campaign contributions, sending the elder Kushner to prison for 14 months.

Christie said it's now clear that he undersold how long the investigation would last.

In a final, biting question, Colbert cited Christie's record-low 15 percent approval rating as governor and asked: "Who is your constituency now?" "Yes, in politics, we call that getting rolled", Christie said.

Trump allegedly argued, saying that Christie was doing his job: "He was doing what he was supposed to be doing, your father pled guilty". I mean If a guy hires a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, and videotapes it, and then sends the videotape to his sister to attempt to intimidate her from testifying before a grand jury, do I really need any more justification than that?'

The feud, however, dates back to the 2004 prosecution of Charles Kushner, a real estate magnet. If you're convicting murderers, it's one thing.

Christie quipped, "Well, you know what, Joy, you don't know what would have happened if I hadn't, right?" He was sentenced to 24 months in prison and served 14.