Gunmen kill Ghanaian journalist who helped expose football graft

Posted January 20, 2019

Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong, has been questioned by the Police CID over Wednesday night's gruesome murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a key member of the private investigative firm, Tiger Eye PI.

On Wednesday, January 16, Mr. Hussein-Suale was killed near his home by three bullets fired at close range - two in his chest and one in his neck.

The probe a year ago led to the resignation of the head of the Ghana Football Association and the banning of dozens of football referees and officials.

In a war of words with the investigative journalist in July 2018, Mr. Agyapong went on a show on the TV station he owns, the Madina-based Net 2 TV, and urged residents to beat up Ahmed whenever they saw him on his premises.

Ghana's police and government officials were not immediately available for further comment.

Hussein-Suale had helped to expose a massive corruption scandal, in the Country's National football leagues. The BBC said Hussein-Suale worked with it on various projects, including an investigation into human body parts sold for ritual magic in Malawi.

Ranting and shouting into the camera, Agyapong said: "That boy (Ahmed-Hussein) that's very unsafe, he lives here in Madina".

Mr Agyapong is also heard in the widely circulated video charging the public to assault Ahmed and that he was ready to pay for the consequences.

He also called on anyone who has information on the murder of Ahmed Husein to submit it to the security agencies to quicken their investigation.

Determine what sanctions may be levied against Kennedy Agyapong MP, including a ban on travel to the USA, a ban on access to the US banking system for Mr. Agyapong and his businesses, and any other appropriate and applicable sanctions.

In a press release, Tiger Eye said they were "terribly devastated by the dastardly act", but were "unshaken" in their pursuit of "nation-wreckers".