Davis police Officer Natalie Corona’s gunman is identified

Posted January 16, 2019

Among the evidence recovered from the home of a man who shot and killed a rookie California police officer were two unregistered guns and a letter claiming police had been bombarding him with ultrasonic waves.

The man, later identified by authorities as 48-year-old Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, approached Corona on a bicycle and opened fire, Pytel said - shooting the promising officer multiple times before unloading his entire magazine. The chief said as police began to surround it, he stepped outside wearing a bulletproof vest.

Witnesses told police the suspect left a backpack at the scene.

Davis police Lieutenant Paul Doroshov told SFGate.com that a note was found in Limbaugh's apartment in which he described being hit by the "waves".

"He shouted some stuff, went back in and came back out with a firearm, then went back inside, pushed a couch in front of the door and officers heard a gunshot", Pytel said.

The memorial service for slain Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at the Activities and Recreation Center, or ARC, on the campus of UC Davis. They found two semi-automatic handguns in the home.

Police eventually sent a robotic camera in and found the gunman had shot himself in the head. The daughter of a retired Colusa County sheriff's deputy, she finished her training in December and had been on the job for a few weeks.

From the janitor to the police chief, Corona "just wanted to be everybody's friend, and was", the chief said.

"I'd really like to see as many people as possible from the community attend", Pytel said during Saturday's vigil at Davis' Central Park, which was attended by at least 1,000 people.

They went on to issue sympathies for officer Coronas family saying her death was an "incredible, senseless tragedy".

"I don't remember her talking about anything else than wanting to become an officer", said Gomez, who said her cousin was an athletic star in high school, excelling in volleyball, basketball and track.

The shooting wasn't Limbaugh's first brush with the law. There, the Sacramento Bee reports, several members of the Davis police force shared anecdotes illustrating Corona's commitment to helping others. "She loved being around everybody in the department". A photo captured the young woman's proud smile as her father, Jose Merced Corona, pinned on her badge.