R. Kelly Knew Aaliyah’s Age When He Married Her

Posted January 15, 2019

I have never heard from an attorney for a victim or an alleged victim.

Police went to embattled R&B superstar R. Kelly's Chicago home Friday on a tip that women were being held hostage there but left after finding no evidence of wrongdoing, a police spokesman confirmed.

Allred claimed that after "Surviving R. Kelly" aired, a number of revealing photographs that had been attached to the initial letter - but were not included in the documents presented Monday - were posted on a Facebook page defending Kelly called "Surviving Lies", which was live for several hours on January 7 before Facebook removed it.

Faith's mother, Kelly Rodgers, said that she and her husband have received threatening phone calls and messages since the suit was filed.

Singer R. Kelly was evicted from a Near West Side industrial building that he used for a recording studio and residence, on the grounds he owes tens of thousands of dollars in back rent.

"It obviously was not authored or signed by Mr. Kelly, nor sent on his behalf", Greenberg said. Rodgers says he even introduced her to one of the five women Kelly allegedly said he was "raising".

"The page lasted no more than seven or eight hours because Facebook took it down". He says she must have lied about her age to legally marry Kelly, and that Kelly had "no idea".

At the same time, Greenberg said he didn't think Kelly's career would be hurt by the allegations.

R. Kelly appears to be preparing for legal fallout stemming from the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary and the new sexual assault allegations that have come up in its wake. Kelly, whose given name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was acquitted in 2008 on charges of videotaping himself having sex with a girl who prosecutors allege was as young as 13.