McConnell blocks vote on bills to reopen federal government

Posted January 12, 2019

Would President Trump, whom Democrats have accused of anti-Semitism? Trump insisted a wall is the only solution and Democrats refused to approve funding to build it.

The chances of Udall's bill passing the Senate are slim to none, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) not only refuses to bring House Democratic bills to a vote but also is the most vociferous opponent in politics of campaign finance reforms.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted her on Friday and slapped at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not publicly disavowing the slur. Democrats have called a wall costly, ineffective and immoral.

With more than 130,000 federal workers and multiple department and agency offices located there, Maryland is among the states most affected by the shutdown.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy questioned Rubio's assertion that Democrats voted against moving forward with the bill due to a "significant [number] of Senate Democrats [who] now support BDS" and that the party's leaders "want to avoid a floor vote that reveals that".

An effort in the Senate to force President Donald Trump to impose new sanctions on Syria is getting caught up in the stalemate over the partial USA government shutdown as top Democrats said they'd move to block any legislation that doesn't reopen the government.

"Tonight, President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to addressing the humanitarian and security crisis at our nation's southern border", he said. A deal with the White House, he said late last month, "should not be an impossible feat, given that Democrats have voted in the past for a wall". Ben Cardin, D-Md., a top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, will vote Tuesday against moving to debate the BDS bill, even though they cosponsored the bill when was introduced in 2017.

"The whole thing here is that we can not be business as usual, with the government shut down, people not getting paychecks and people getting hurt", she said.

Vice President Mike Pence will meet with House Republicans on Tuesday evening to urge them to stand with the president against the piecemeal appropriations bills. The president long claimed that Mexico would pay for the border wall, something that country has consistently said it would not do.

"The notion that he's going to walk away with nothing is not real", said Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. But Democrats are split over the addition of Republican Sen.

This comes after McConnell said the upper chamber will not participate in "show votes" and will not vote on anything that wouldn't be signed by the president.

Trump was asked by reporters at the Capitol if any Republican lawmakers said they wanted him to pursue a different strategy and reopen the government.

On Wednesday, Gibbs said it is paramount for Congress to act and ensure individuals "working to protect America and the lives of our citizens" receive "their paychecks on time".

It's the White House, she said, that keeps moving "the goalposts".

"The problem right now is that there are those who feel very passionately that we should not do anything unless the government is open", Menendez told Al Jazeera. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) slammed an anti-BDS bill introduced last week by Republicans as "absurd".