Saudi women to receive divorce notice by text messages

Posted January 09, 2019

According to lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi, some men now register divorce deeds at the courts without telling their wives.

The new measure was approved by the country's justice ministry on Sunday, Agence France-Presse reports citing local media.

According to a new law enacted in Saudi Arabia, women who are being served a divorce by their husbands will be notified of their new marriage status through a text message. Through the ministry's Najiz portal (, women can also inquire about their marital status and view the details of any probate certificates.

A new regulation in Saudia Arbaia will end the practice of women being divorced without their knowledge.

Expressing happiness over the new regulation, Saudi lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi said,"The new measure ensures women get alimony rights when they're divorced".

It was observed that in these cases, often referred to as secret divorces, women often end up missing out on alimony payments.

Saudi women are subject to male guardianship laws.

A decades long ban on female driving was lifted on June 24, while Saudi has also awarded licences to its first female pilots this year.

Women in Saudi Arabia will now be informed via text message if they're being divorced - and the government says it'll help protect them.

"The male guardianship system is a core issue and it must be dismantled", said Abu-Dayyeh.

The reforms have included women being given the right to drive.

However, many critics point out that Bin Salman is an authoritarian who is intolerant of dissent and, notably, there have been severe crackdowns on female activists in recent times. "This system strangles Saudi women".