John Kelly breaks with Trump: 'To be honest, it's not a wall'

Posted December 31, 2018

Ms Conway claimed today that "the president has already compromised" by dropping his request for the wall from US$25 billion, and she called on Democrats to return to the negotiating table. But always saying wall or no wall is being very disingenuous and turning the complete blind eye to what is a crisis at the border when it comes to the drugs pouring in'.

(L to R) President-elect Donald Trump points at then-U.S. -Mexico border but it falls in lock step with recent statements out of the administration.

Democrats have remained committed to blocking the president's priority, and with neither side engaging in substantive negotiation, the effect of the partial shutdown was set to spread and to extend into the new year.

Outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly gave an extensive interview to the Los Angeles Times in which he reflected on his tumultuous tenure under President Donald Trump.

"The President still says "wall" - oftentimes frankly he'll say "barrier" or "fencing", now he's tended toward steel slats".

"But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it", he added. "I am in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal on Border Security", Trump tweeted earlier.

Negotiations are at a stand still over the holiday season.

Pelosi was spotted at a luxury hotel in Hawaii over the holidays.

Privately, White House officials have long said Kelly exacerbated Trump's disdain for Sessions - with whom the president was angry for recusing himself from overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign - because it redirected the president from his frustration with Nielsen.

'He's ready to receive a counter offer from the Democrats.

Mulvaney told Fox last week that the administration had shown movement on the latest US$5 billion demand for border security. If it's not restricted to just a wall.

Kelly noted the agents said they needed a "physical barrier in certain places", in addition to "technology across the board", and "more people".

'The Democrats have simply shut down the discussions.

In a series of Twitter posts earlier this month, Trump insisted that "we are not building a Concrete Wall, we are building artistically designed steel slats, so that you can easily see through it". We went back to them after the second 1.3 billion and picked a number less than five.

Pelosi has vowed to pass legislation to reopen the nine shuttered departments and dozens of agencies now hit by the partial shutdown as soon as she takes the gavel.

But with Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives on Thursday, the chances of a deal being struck are likely to become even more distant. Lawmakers will be given 24 hours notice if there's a breakthrough that would require a vote.If the standoff continues, all workers in the nine departments and dozens of agencies affected by the closure will miss their next paycheck on January 11. Lindsey Graham of SC urged the White House and Democrats to consider supporting what he called a "breakthrough" compromise on immigration that would allow President Trump to secure his $5 billion demand for border security funds and also codify protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.

'Depends what's in it.

Trump has threatened to end aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, despite a State Department announcement on December 18 that the USA was ready to offer US$4.5 billion (RM18.7 billion) in investment in Central America and southern Mexico, and that the administration was requesting an additional US$180 million in assistance to the region.