DJ Swearinger tells radio station he was called into coach’s office, released

Posted December 27, 2018

Swearinger called into 106.7 The Fan on Monday saying that he had been called into head coach Jay Gruden's office and was informed of his release. "I don't regret nothing, because I know I gave 100 percent from my heart".

Swearinger played well for the Redskins - until they abruptly cut him Monday, after Swearinger publicly questioned the defensive playcalling of Washington defensive coordinator Greg Manusky in a loss at Tennessee. Swearinger said he learned his lesson about criticizing coaches, which cost him his job in Washington. "I think it was a disgusting call, but I feel like you don't put Fabian in that situation with a backup quarterback". "The fact of the matter is we didn't play good enough to win against the Titans". You don't put Fabian in that situation with a backup quarterback... The former 2013 second round pick has looked pretty darn good this year. "I don't have a problem with his opinion, but we're not going to air that opinion outside the building". Of Course I Made My Decision Because I Wanted To Play For My Idol's Team And Fulfill His Legacy And Mines! You put the camera in my face after we lose a game that we're supposed to go the playoffs, I may say some things that I shouldn't say.

Swearinger has been one of the NFL's top safeties this season and he's an alternate for the 2019 Pro Bowl.

On Sunday, Gruden said he was "quite disappointed" in the safety's comments on Saturday night and said he would evaluate those comments before rendering final judgement. "It's happened with the same guy a couple times now, so it's become redundant to me".

Since Swearinger has been released, he will have to be claimed off of waivers and will be awarded to the team with the worst record that has submitted a claim. He has another year left on his contract, and he'd be a solid addition for a team looking to bolster its back third.