Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC release date and new suits revealed

Posted December 15, 2018

Insomniac Games has staple-gunned a December 21 release date on Spider-Man's third slice of DLC, Silver Lining. As you'd expect, the plot will centre on Silver Sable, as the Russian mercenary returns to New York City to reclaim her stolen Sable International gear. This movie has so much going on, it can be hard to take in every last excruciating detail, but that's why we're here!

During Peter's recounting of his exploits as a superhero, the movie revisits several classic set pieces from the Raimi movies, including Spider-Man's heroic train rescue from Spider-Man 2, the time Doctor Octopus threw a vehicle through a window at Peter Parker and Mary Jane in Spider-Man 2, and the much-derided (but secretly awesome) sequence of a symbiote-influenced Peter strutting around New York City in Spider-Man 3 shooting everyone some finger guns.

The teaser trailer, which can be seen below, shows an incredibly aggravated Silver Sable taking her anger out on Spider-Man as she chases him across the city from the cockpit of a high tech jet.

Get a better glimpse of the new suits below!

Silver Linings features new missions, new and upgraded enemy and crime types, and upgraded Hammerhead bases and storyline quests. The final chapter, called Silver Lining, will launch on December 21 and introduce new suits.

"We loved having Silver Sable in Marvel's Spider-Man, and we wanted to give players even more time with her", explained Ryan Smith Game Director at Insomniac Games on a new PlayStation blog post.

The three costumes you'll be able to unlock in Silver Lining include Cyborg Spider-Man, the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor, and the suit worn by Peter Parker in Into the Spider-Verse, a new movie that's releasing around the United States tomorrow.

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