Make Your Own Fortnite With Fortnite Creative

Posted December 06, 2018

'As a developer ourselves, we've always wanted access to a store with fair revenue-sharing that gives us direct access to our customers, ' commented Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, during a chinwag with Variety.

Fortnite is about to launch another season, transitioning from Halloween to the cold world of winter.

Epic has ambitious plans for the service and could eventually take aim at Google Play, which is circumvented with Fortnite's mobile flavor. Epic officially unveiled the new mode in a post on its official website this morning, though the announcement followed an apparent leak of a YouTuber's extensive preview which has since been pulled down, according to Fortnite Intel. There are no tiers or thresholds. Epic is also open to titles using any game engine -not just its own Unreal Engine. The options provided are immediately familiar for anyone's who's played around in Forge, too - there are basic free-for-all or deathmatch modes available, you can assign teams, time limits and spawn locations. The other is a PvE mode called Save the World and was originally all the game was meant to be about.

It is nearly certain that Epic's store won't have games from Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, and other game developers or publishers that operate their own Store. The newsfeed is front-and-center.

That Valve's Steam platform has the PC digital distribution market all-but sewn up is no secret, but it hasn't stopped a number of publishers vying for a slice of the pie.

Content creators will also be able to get in on the fun through the Epic Games Support-A-Creator program, which appears to contain some sort of optional referral program that developers can set up. If you opt to participate, creators who refer players to buy your game will receive a share of the revenue that you set (tracked by code or affiliate marketing link). Developers need not worry about advertisements being shown on their game pages either. The company notes that it won't allow paid ads in search results, either.