Cyber Monday Brings Hope for a Rally in Retail Stocks

Posted November 27, 2018

That means deals on everything from TVs to phones, computers, tablets and toys from the biggest retailers around. If you're looking to do all of your shopping online rather than in stores this year, we've scoured the depths of Amazon, Walmart, REI, Best Buy, and more to bring you the best Cyber Monday offers as they go live - all the way through Green Monday. Walmart has a $35 minimum for free shipping and Kohl's has a $25 minimum-so be sure to check around! Specifically, Target's taking a ton of its stuff and slicing 15 percent off the top of a bunch of toys, electronics and even clothes.

Shop at Target for 15% off: Target is offering 15% off hundreds of thousands of items on its website.

Cyber Monday was on track to bring in a record $7.8 billion in USA online sales, but will also test the limits of retailers' e-commerce operations as millions of shoppers scour for steep discounts on everything from Lego sets to big-screen TVs.

These discounts also apply to the Nest devices and Amazon's 2nd Gen Echo Show, which gets knocked down to $152, from the original sale pricing of $179, which was discounted from the normal $229.99.

But some of the promotional efforts ahead of the day drew the ire of several people who complained that they woke up to a deluge of cyber Monday emails compared to years past. That's why it can be so easy to forget the online phenomenon that happens today: Cyber Monday.

The Apple Store may not be worth it: The Apple Store is bundling gift cards when you buy older models at full price.