'Never give up': Mother reunited with son allegedly abducted in 1987

Posted November 01, 2018

A Brampton woman has been re-united with her son, now a grown man, who was abducted by his father in 1987.

However, authorities say he was actually abducted on June 24, 1987, during a scheduled visit with his father in Toronto.

It was the night before she was to be reunited with the son who'd gone missing more than three decades ago.

"He was under the impression that his mother had died shortly after [his] birth", Banks said.

Lyneth Mann-Lewis of Brampton met her son Jermaine Mann on Saturday in CT.

Mr Mann appeared briefly in the federal court in Hartford, facing charges of making false statements in transactions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Mann is facing multiple criminal charges in the US, but will be extradited to Canada to face one count of abduction. The father had told the son his mother was dead.

They spoke for hours, she said, and she made sure to cook him a meal before she flew back to Canada.

'But be patient. Be strong and believe that all things are possible and that anything can transpire'.

Mann-Lewis said she then took great pleasure in cooking for her son, adding he broke his usual vegetarian lifestyle to eat the chicken she prepared without knowing his dietary preference. He's going through a trying time right now, Ms. Mann-Lewis said during the press conference.

"I was sitting there wondering in my mind what was going to happen", she said. She thanked Canadian and US authorities and the Missing Children Society of Canada for helping find Jermaine.

She said her son's first words to her were "Mommy, you have my eyes, you have my eyes". I said, "God, that's my baby" - says Lynette Mann-Lewis.

Mann, who has been living in publically subsidized housing in Vernon since 2004, was charged with making false statements and making false statements to get HUD housing.

The investigation has involved multiple U.S. agencies including HUD, the U.S. Marshals Service, Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, as well as Toronto police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. "You never take a child from his mother without giving them a chance to make their own decisions".

Now Mann-Lewis was coming to CT to see her son, a grown man working for the state of CT. After 31 long years of suffering I never gave up.

A local newspaper reported that his son sobbed quietly in the front row with his head in his hands and left the courthouse without commenting.

"From the moment I first talked to Amanda I knew...she would also be an extremely great person, (she) helped me through this ordeal and kept the positivity throughout the time I have known her, and for that I am very grateful".