Youtube is live again after an hour of outage!

Posted October 19, 2018

Several YouTube users reported in the early hours of the morning, around 03:15, that the service was down, TechCrunch reported.

There is no word on what caused the massive outage and for a Google-operated service like this, such a serious downtime for YouTube is quite rare.

The Google-owned video website apologised for the issues around accessing YouTube and its YouTube TV and Music subscription services - but has not explained what happened.

The company said it was working on the issue and apologized for the inconvenience. YouTube is yet to reveal the cause of this outage, though more updates can be expected soon.

Accompanying a reaction video, another added, "me writing a 6 page report about how YouTube shutting down has affected my well being and that I should receive compensation from this trauma".

Along with being able to carve out ad space for content developed for TV viewing, advertisers will receive television-focused analytics and special options for their ads with this YouTube update, too.

There were a couple server errors users noticed during the outage, including 503 and 500 error messages. YouTube has had similar issues in the past, but they aren't common and rarely last as long as Tuesday's - more than 50 minutes.

On the YouTube mobile app, users saw the "Error loading / Tap to retry" error message when they attempted to play videos.

In a short statement on Twitter, YouTube said it was aware of the issue and was working on a fix.

According to Times of India, the desktop version of YouTube passed out for a brief moment.

CBS News had reached out for comment during the outage, but YouTube didn't respond beyond the company's Twitter posts.

Reports from around the world quickly came in, shared on social media as users complained that they were unable to watch videos on Tuesday evening. Thank you for the patience of the people.