Hurricane Michael in US kills 11

Posted October 12, 2018

"The combination of a unsafe storm surge and the tide will cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising waters moving inland from the shoreline".

Video from a drone revealed some of the worst damage in Mexico Beach, where the hurricane crashed ashore Wednesday as a Category 4 monster with 155 miles per hour (250 kph) winds and a storm surge of 9 feet (2.7 meters).

Hurricane Michael, a ferocious and historic storm, has killed 11 people, including an 11-year-old girl, and left a trail of destruction across Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

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"All of my furniture was floating", said Ms Marquardt, 67.

"The time to evacuate coastal areas has come and gone", Scott said at a news conference Wednesday. "It was bad, and now there's just nothing left".

Michael slammed North Florida with 155 miles per hour winds — just shy of Category 5 strength — sent up to 10 feet of storm surge into coastal areas and damaged and demolished homes and businesses across the Panhandle. Forecasters say the storm has already begun shedding its tropical characteristics but will take on a new chapter as a powerful extratropical storm with gale force winds on its trek out to sea.

A psychiatric hospital in Florida is isolated after downed trees blocked roads around Chattahoochee, and a tree caused a water line to break. Four people in Florida, a child in Georgia and a man in North Carolina also died.

More than 900,000 homes and business remain without power.

Under a clear blue sky, families living along the Florida Panhandle emerged from shelters and hotels to a perilous landscape of shattered homes and shopping centers, beeping security alarms, wailing sirens and hovering helicopters. Downed power lines and twisted street signs lay all around.

Hundreds of residents were rescued Thursday from cars, apartments and homes flooded by rushing water.

And unless the rate of greenhouse gas emissions changes, hurricanes are expected to intensify more rapidly in the coming decades, the scientific research group Climate Central said.

Brad Rippey, a meteorologist for the U.S. Agriculture Department, said Michael severely damaged cotton, timber, pecan and peanut crops, causing estimated liabilities as high as $1.9 billion and affecting up to 3.7 million crop acres (1.5 million hectares). Boston-based Karen Clark & Company released that estimate Thursday, which includes privately insured wind and storm surge damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties and vehicles. The figure does not include losses covered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Rick Scott said it was too late for people in the immediate path of the storm to flee.

The storm, which came ashore as a Category 4 on the five-step Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, tore entire neighborhoods apart, reducing homes and businesses to piles of wood and siding, damaging roads and leaving scenes of devastation that resembled the aftermath of a carpet-bombing operation.

Michael has left over 1,600,000 households and businesses without power across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

He warned that the death toll may go up, saying in an appearance on CNN that "those numbers could climb as search-and-rescue teams get out".

"More than 375,000 people up and down the Gulf Coast were ordered or urged to evacuate as Michael closed in".

Virginia authorities are providing more details about the death of a firefighter who was responding to a crash north of Richmond as Michael lashed the state.

"Meanwhile, the Coast Guard said it rescued at least 27 people, mostly from homes damaged along the Florida coastline, and searched for more victims".

Now they have the grim task of accounting for all who stayed behind. Michael snapped boats in two and hurled a large ship onto the shore, residents said. The woman lived in a small cinderblock house about 150 yards from the Gulf and thought she would be OK.

"But you know what ... it's just stuff, it's just stuff", she told her husband, Raoul, as they walked through the ruins. "Do you think it would have floated away?"