Sen. Jeff Merkley Sues To Prevent Final Vote On Brett Kavanaugh

Posted September 30, 2018

The hearing will occur days after a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, told The New Yorker that when she and Kavanaugh were in college together, he exposed himself to her at a dormitory party.

Swetnick's claims were released via affidavit to a Senate staffer by her lawyer, Michael Avenatti; see the documents, which she signed under penalty of perjury, below.

According to the poll, 83 percent of Republicans said they supported Kavanaugh, compared to the 9 percent of Democrats in support of him.

Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual misconduct by two other women, putting his nomination for the high court at risk.

"This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone", Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said in a statement released this afternoon by the White House.

Swetnick, a former U.S. Treasury Dept. employee, said that she has known Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge since the early '80s and says she attended "well over" 10 house parties where the two were present and witnessed them sexually assault them and "demean" and "humiliate them".

"I never did anything remotely resembling what Dr. Ford describes", Kavanaugh said, while claiming he's "never sexually assaulted anyone" at any point his life.

"Like many kids that age in high school and back then, the drinking age was 18....he admits that he drank and did something things that he looks back on he says are embarrassing and make you cringe, but that's not what this is about", said Wilkinson.

Ford, who originally wished to stay anonymous, came into the spotlight in September after her allegations were leaked to the press.

"Avenatti is a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh". He unequivocally denied all of the allegations, testifying that there was not a kernel of truth in any of these allegations.

George Hartmann, a spokesman for Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, said the hearing is still going forward on Thursday as scheduled.

Protesters opposing Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. Ford's husband told the Post that she mentioned Kavanaugh at the time in 2012 and expressed concern Kavanaugh might be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Grassley said in the letter to Feinstein that if Ramirez "submits testimony and evidence to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Committee investigators have requested, we can decide how to proceed".

He called allegations by three women that he acted inappropriately as a young man a "last-minute smear campaign".

Kavanaugh has denied both allegations. "But I have never done that to her or to anyone", he will say on Thursday as per the prepared testimony.