White House says Omarosa claim of Trump racism is ‘false’

Posted August 11, 2018

Trump has faced allegations of racism and misogyny for years.

The Washington Post also reported Friday that another passage claims she was offered $15,000 a month from Trump's campaign to stay quiet after her firing - but she refused.

Omarosa penns that she witnessed Trump say: 'Would you look at this George Conway article? Trump has continuously insisted that he is not a "racist", but if audio recordings do eventually come about showing that he did use the n-word to criticize African Americans, it would be hard for him to deny that label any longer. Later, a source from The Apprentice contacted her, claiming to be in possession of the tape. But tapes, unfortunately for him, seem to be a theme of his presidency, and Manigault Newman's have not yet been swept up in a government investigation. They all told me that President Trump hadn't just dropped a single N-word bomb.

At the time, an early Apprentice producer took to Twitter to say "there are far worse" behind-the-scenes tapes from the show.

When Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape leaked of him bragging about sexual assault against women, there were also other reports of tapes with him using the N-word. Apprentice creator Mark Burnett responded to the 2016 rumors with threats of litigation against anyone who leaked.

Other unverified details from Omarosa's book include Trump installing a tanning bed in the White House and her walking in on a meeting between the president and his since estranged consigliere Michael Cohen that ended with Trump chewing and swallowing a piece of paper.

Donald Trump has been accused of being a "racist" who repeatedly used "the N-word", according to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman. Right on time, as the news broke, Manigault Newman touted her upcoming book tour on Instagram, ready to capture some sales.

Notably, this was using Trump campaign funds.

More details: Omarosa claims that Trump had a tanning bed installed in the White House residence, per the Post. She could still be salty after the previous bout of negative press, which detailed that she had brought her 39-person wedding party for an unannounced White House photo shoot that saw guests seeking selfies in the Oval Office and Rose Garden.