Auto bomb kills prominent rocket scientist in Syria

Posted August 09, 2018

Meawhile, the Times of Israel reports that a senior Israeli government official has declined to comment on the report Tuesday, but noted it was "a good thing" that Isber was dead.

On Saturday, the head of a Syrian research center was killed in a auto bombing along with his driver near a village in the western countryside of Hama.

Israel frequently attacks military targets inside Syria in an attempt to prop up terrorist groups that have been suffering defeats against Syrian government forces.

The Syrian Scientific Research Centre has always been a focus of worldwide efforts to curtail Syria's capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological weapons. NYT spelled it as Absar, the Israeli newspaper called him Abzar while Syrian official agency described him as Isber. "Every time, they try to place the blame on us", Lieberman told Israel's Channel 2 News. The center has been targeted in two air attacks that have been attributed to Israel, including one in April that killed several Iranians.

In April, coordinated missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France destroyed a Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre facility in Damascus, in response to a suspected gas attack that killed at least 70 civilians in Douma - a town in the former rebel-held city of Eastern Ghouta.

Since 2007, six Iranians with connections to Iran's nuclear and missile program have been assassinated by the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency.

Hamas has accused Mossad of assassinating one of its drone experts - Mohamed Zouari - in Tunisia in 2016, and the spy agency is also believed to have been behind the 2010 murder of top Hamas militant Mahmud al-Mabhuh in a Dubai hotel. The blast also killed his personal driver.

"It was previously reported the chemical weapons development facility supplied weapons to the Assad army and Lebanon-based Hezbollah".