Mr. Putin Goes To Washington

Posted July 21, 2018

But don't expect President Vladimir Putin to say that out loud. But on Thursday, Trump went back on the offensive again to defend the summit, writing on Twitter that the media wanted to provoke a war with Russian Federation. In his first public comment on it, Putin on Thursday declared it "successful".

The US president, meanwhile, criticised media reaction to the summit.

Putin doesn't blame Trump for that.

Mr. Trump tweeted about the potential "second meeting" with the Kremlin Thursday. "It's important that a full-scale meeting has finally taken place allowing us to talk directly".

Trump also told Glor that he was "very strong" when he spoke with Putin about butting out of USA elections, but said "we're also living in a grown-up world" and questioned whether a "strong statement" would do much of anything.

"I just felt at this point in time that what we had assessed and reassessed and reassessed, and carefully gone over, still stands", Coats said.

The lively debate in Washington is unthinkable in Russian Federation, where Putin has never faced real political opposition and leads a country that has never had a democratic transition of power. "The combining of faces is a different way for people to see what they couldn't see before".

Behind the scenes, however, some members of the political and business elite have a different assessment. Since he refused to back the U.S. intelligence community's assessment of Russian interference in 2016, Trump has alternated between trying to quell the political uproar he ignited and seeking to avoid backing down from his handling of the summit.

Pushing back against criticism of first meeting, Trump accused the news media of trying to provoke a confrontation with Moscow that could lead to war, although concerns about the summit have been raised by a broad cross-section of Republicans and Democrats.

He added that Russian Federation is "nevertheless open to developing contacts with the United States on the basis of equality".

"He's made things much worse", Gabuev said.

"As I expressed to the president on my third visit to the Oval Office as his adviser, I said: 'Mr".

Indeed, when Trump came to office, many Russians hoped he would pave the way for lifting sanctions and ending years of tensions. "But no one expected that".

Trump, in Twitter postings on July 19, also criticized media coverage of the meeting with Putin.

While he praised Trump's mediation efforts in North Korea, Putin slammed his decision to pull out of the worldwide accord curbing Iran's nuclear activities.

But a day later, Trump said he misspoke during the summit. The New York Times later reported, and the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed to CNN, that Trump was briefed on specific USA intelligence indicating that Putin personally ordered the 2016 Russian influence campaign. The Russian Defence Ministry has said it is ready to implement what it called agreements on increased co-operation with the USA military in Syria. Russian officials worry that domestic turmoil in the USA will hamper potential future cooperation on Syria or arms control discussed at the summit. Konstantin Kosachev, head of the upper house of parliament's foreign affairs committee, said Thursday the idea sets a risky precedent that threats the "the whole idea of diplomacy", according to Russian news agencies. Instead, he called the summit a "great success" and said he was looking forward to the second meeting.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is scheduled to meet with Mr Trump at the White House next Wednesday to discuss trade and other issues.

"There were no secret agreements", he added. "No big decisions are made without Putin and all of that was laid out".

Roland Murof, a spokesman for the Estonian military, said the instances of Russian planes intruding North Atlantic Treaty Organisation airspace "go up when something political is going on".