SDCC: Full Trailer For Doctor Who Series Ten Released

Posted July 20, 2018

The 36-year-old, who rose to fame in award-winning British drama "Broadchurch", takes over from Scottish actor Peter Capaldi as the 13th incarnation of the Time Lord.

But one new thing I definitely like is that new sonic screwdriver. "You don't need to be an encyclopedia of Doctor Who to enjoy the new season". What would you like to see in the new TARDIS design?

BBC had earlier released a 50-second teaser during the 2018 FIFA World Cup final on Sunday, setting the stage for a bigger reveal at Comic-Con, where the cast and crew appeared to discuss the eleventh season in Doctor Who's revival era.

"All of this is new to me", she says, presumably after just regenerating. That could also be the case here, as the TARDIS' new time rotor (the thing in the middle that goes up and down when the machine's in flight) could be featured in the poster.

She said: "We look around and in all of our friendship groups there are men, women, all many ages, diversities, representations of communities but when you watch TV it doesn't represent that". Will the new Doctor in Doctor Who address the trolls who negatively reacted to her being cast as the first woman in the role? And for much of the panel, the talk focused on why Whittaker has wowed everyone involved in the show, and how Whittaker accepts that this is no ordinary role.

Doctor Who has been on the air for 54 years and there's no signs of that changing.

When asked whether or not the new season will lead into the traditional Doctor Who Christmas special, Chibnall said, "Well, we are making 11 episodes ... and yet it's a 10-episode series".

"She just walked in the room she was the Doctor".

The BBC has not announced a premiere date for the new 10-episode season of the show, which is one of its biggest worldwide hits.

"It was very amusing, very emotional". Sit them down for Jodie's first episode so you can go, 'See?!' There is no barrier to entry this year! She wasn't just cast because she's a woman, she was cast because she's the ideal fit for the show's specific tone.

At the SDCC panel, Whittaker spoke about taking on this iconic role. "The wonderful thing about playing the Doctor is I'm playing an alien, so all those rules [about how women are expected to act] are irrelevant to the approach", she explained. Whittaker's Doctor comes across as highly excitable, completely reinvigorated, and perpetually surprised. I was nervous to touch anything.