Microsoft announces Surface Go: "The most portable and affordable Surface product yet"

Posted July 13, 2018

RAM can be represented in two variants: 4 and 8 GB built-in memory is 64 and 256 GB.

Microsoft also said the Surface Go should be good to go 9 hours on a single charge, which the company attributed to the low power sipping qualities of the new 7th gen Intel Gold chip.

Like all the previous Surface PCs, the new model also comes with detachable type cover support.

It comes with 10-inch custom-built high-resolution PixelSense Display that supports Surface Pen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, low pen parallax, low latency, and precision for accurate note taking, drawing and computer-aided design.

The Surface Go Signature Type Cover offers a keyboard and a trackpad, converting the tablet into a mini portable laptop setup. In terms of connectivity, the device has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB type C port for charging and data syncing and a micro SD card slot for storage expansion.

Microsoft Surface Go price: How much will a budget Surface cost? Microsoft says there's an LTE version arriving later this year too.

While the Surface Pro is the more expensive device in nearly all configurations, that gets you a more powerful system and one that can do far more than the basic, general-computing tasks of most Surface Go configurations. It's probably best described as a shrunken down Surface Pro.

Earlier rumours also suggested that the 10in Surface Go will sport a 1,800 x 1,200-pixel multi-touch screen and be 20% lighter in weight at just 562g. The device will reportedly retail for $400, include a USB-C port, and be 20 percent lighter than the current Surface Pro models, which now start at $799.

Microsoft Surface Go design: What does it look like? Otherwise, there's no radical redesign of Microsoft's existing offerings here.

Finding Microsoft's Surface devices too expensive (they are, in fact), Satya Nadella and Co have just decided to make their signature machine one for all.

You'll be able to run Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, browse the web or watch Netflix, just as you can with the bigger devices. Other devices we've tested with Pentium CPUs have not been the most responsive or nippy.

Although the two tablets look nearly identical, there are a number of differences.

The Surface Go certainly seems to fill a gap in the range for Microsoft and we were fans of the Surface 3, not least because it offered numerous advantages of Microsoft's brilliant 2-in-1 design from the full-blown Surface Pro.