Woman killed in crash of helicopter into Va. condo

Posted July 10, 2018

A helicopter crashed into a townhouse complex in the USA state of Virginia on Sunday, leaving one person dead and the building ripped apart and damaged by fire, local media said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said only the pilot was on board when the helicopter crashed into a condominium neighborhood in the 1100 block of Settlement Drive about 5 p.m.

The Daily Press newspaper quoted Virginia State Police as saying there was "one confirmed fatality within the residential structure". The impact of the crash caused a fire in the townhomes in Williamsburg, CBS Richmond affiliate WTVR reports.

Paul Leslie, who lives in a building near the crash, told the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily that he heard a helicopter "come overhead" that "basically didn't sound right".

Reportedly they were still trying to locate and identify the pilot of the helicopter.

Another resident, Brook Sweeney, who has lived in the complex since October, said he was watching TV when he heard a noise that he at first thought was a vehicle accident.

The College of William and Mary said the incident happened near Dillard Complex and that people should avoid the area.

Doug Brazy with the National Transportation Safety Board also spoke at the news conference.

The FAA tweeted Sunday night that they and the NTSB would investigate to determine a probable cause of the crash.