LeBron James reportedly not interested in elaborate free agency pitches

Posted June 26, 2018

The question remains: Who will LeBron James play for next season? And because the Lakers have an abundance of cap space, as well as the ability to create more, their dream scenario isn't limited to luring one star, or even two. "That's been the case since the Warriors added two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant to a team that won an NBA-record 73 games two years ago". Anything short of that and the Lakers will have failed this offseason, regardless of what else happens. The chemistry with Russell Westbrook is bound to improve if they have a second year together, and it doesn't hurt that their off-court relationship continues to appear very strong.

Every team in the National Basketball Association wants LeBron James, and he knows it.

Mykhailiuk, who knocked down 44.4 percent of his three-point shots in his senior year, is a pure jump shooter and has a decent chance of making the roster if he improves his defense.

That's the exact reason James Harden doesn't plan to attempt to sell LeBron on joining the Rockets.

The Michigan product, though, likes how the current Lakers are trying to play as fast as the Showtime Lakers did. However, a Nike outlet store based in OH is also getting the same idea as Dick's Sporting Goods, as they were selling LeBron Cavs jerseys at 40% off.

Another day... Another story about Paul George's pending free agency.

The All-Star swingman, who grew up just outside Los Angeles, has been linked to a move out west for the past year. I don't think they talk about him coming to Houston.

There will be no dog and pony show for LeBron James this summer.

"Selecting Moe Wagner was a big target for Magic", Pelinka said. Despite all the Kawhi Leonard chatter and the possibility of a blockbuster trade in the works, no major transactions were made by the Lakers.

"But we can control the environment we have here and creating energy where great players want to be Lakers".

Now that Anthony is re-signed there is budding optimism that Paul George will also re-sign with the Thunder.

"It feels like the last several weeks have just been a constant planning sessions, moving the chess board around with all the different options", Pelinka said. The bar is set incredibly high, but it's not at all out of reach.

Wagner was similarly excited to hear his name called by Los Angeles, where he will most likely fit in well due to their style of play.