AMC Launches Stubs A-List to Compete With MoviePass

Posted June 21, 2018

In response, MoviePass tweeted that AMC's plan is 'Twice the price for 1/4 the theater network and 60% fewer movies.

"The offering is being run through its loyalty program AMC Stubs", and although that may seem like less of a good deal than MoviePass, which conceivably would let you see seven movies per week for the monthly fee of $9.99, AMC has the advantage of actually owning the venues and therefore being more sustainable. "AMC Stubs A-List is AMC's next evolution of delivering unbelievable benefits to our loyal customers, and we're excited to continue to grow the program by leaps and bounds". For $19.95 per month (plus tax), members can see up to three movies per week, including access to IMAX and 3D showings, multiple movies per day, and repeat visits to previously seen movies, all things that are now unavailable to MoviePass customers. Guests can also reserve tickets in advance, regardless of their distance to the theater they wish to visit. Additionally, while your three movies per week won't carry over week-to-week, you can see them all in the same day.

MoviePass and AMC have feuded in the past over specifics regarding MoviePass access to AMC theaters and even went so far as to take some AMC theaters out of the MoviePass cache. The movie ticket program starts on June 26. Will you make the switch from MoviePass to Stubs A-List?

AMC operates approximately 1,000 theaters and 11,000 screens worldwide, including 18 locations in Alabama.

The new tier to its AMC Stubs rewards program answers a rival loyalty club at Cinemark Entertainment, Cinemark Movie Club, and controversial theater subscription app MoviePass.

The membership also includes all of the benefits of AMC Stubs Premiere including free upgrades on popcorn and soda, free refills on large popcorn, express service at the concession stand and box office and no online ticketing fees.