E3 2018: Sound The Alarm, Devil May Cry 5 Is Happening

Posted June 13, 2018

Shown in the trailer is a new demon slayer with a mechanical arm capable of dealing devastating damage and slowing time.

Devil May Cry 5 is coming spring 2019. Maybe it's the short hair. It's promised that Devil May Cry 5 will have unbelievable gameplay, which is good because nobody likes awful gameplay. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

Now, 10 years since the last iteration, Devil May Cry® 4, Director Hideaki Itsuno and the core team have reunited to conclude the long awaited Sons of Sparda saga. Developer Ninja Theory created a series reboot, "DmC: Devil May Cry", in 2013 that was well-received by critics and reportedly sold well in Japan, yet failed to catch on with the Western gaming audience.

In the three-minute announcement trailer revealed during Microsoft's E3 2018 press event, Nero enters the scene looking like he lost his monster arm. We saw a bunch of different characters, the signature hack and slash combat, and Dante's luscious grey locks. A demonic threat returns yet again within this fifth installment and demon hunters Dante and Nico return to finally put things to rest. Details about player progression are scant but, at least in Nero's case, it seems likely it will be heavily tied to the arm and his legendary blade, The Red Queen. This feels like classic Devil May Cry to the letter, and we can't wait to play it.

Rumors of Devil May Cry 5 have cropped up for years, so it's nice to see that Capcom is responding to what fans want.

Will Dante return in Devil May Cry 5? With the start of E3 2018, more information on Capcom's next big game will trickle in so stay tuned for updates. Here's a synopsis of what fans can expect in Devil May Cry 5.